the pyongyang metro

One of the remarkable features of the Pyongyang Metro is the martial music played in the system. This consists of North Korean anthems and patriotic songs, although the speaker system is also used for, shall we say, public service announcements, reportedly including messages exhorting people to be on the lookout for traitors and spies.

Much of the time, though, travelers hear music such as the selections presented here.

Please note that although these are propaganda songs, and North Korea is not generally a signatory to international intellectual-property conventions, these materials should be used for private, non-commercial, informational purposes only. By downloading these files, you agree to delete them from your hard drive and any other storage devices within 24 hours.

All files are MP3 format, 128 kb/s.

Korean Peopleís Army Concert Troupe

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble

Mansudae Art Troupe

For a list of merchants selling North Korean music, go to Links.

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